Philips 300c Original Oven Bulb 15W E14 130v, Lifetime 1000 Hours '130v'

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Dr Fischer (Philips)

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This 130v Philips oven lamp has been specially designed to operate at ambient temperatures up to 300c.

  • QUALITY AND SAFETY GUARANTEE - The lamp is designed to comply with international standards (IEC) and with BS5971 for safety and interchangeability.
  • 2 built in safety fuses.
  • Average lifetime: 1000 hours.
  • Dimensions: overall length 49mm
  • Original oven bulb as used by many manufacturers
  • 125 - 130v only - NOT Suitable for the UK
  • E14 SES
  • 15W


Supplied by Dr Fischer (formerly Philips lamp division)