Hoover Candy Manual Reset Thermostat TOC Kit PAIR, For Washer Dryer Heater, Uprated Temperature Range, WA110001 WA115001 AWA11007 WE140001 WE145001 WE146001 WE147001, HWD130J, HNWL3126

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Hoover Candy Washing Machine Manual Reset Thermostat TOC Kit For Washer Dryer Heater

Uprated Temperature Range now 182°

HOOVER AWA11 007, CLD135-01, HNWF3135, HNWF3137, HNWF6135, HNWF6135S, HNWF6137, HNWF6137E, HNWF6165-88, HNWF6167-14, HNWF6167-80, HNWF6167-84, HNWF6167-84M, HNWF6167-86, HNWF6167-88M, HNWF7167-80, HNWF9167-80, HNWL3126, HNWL3136, HNWL3136S, HNWL3166, HNWL6136, HNWL6136-84S, HNWL6136-85S, HNWL6136S-80, HNWL6146, HNWL6146-84, HNWL6166, HNWL7136, HNWL7136S, HNWL7146-80, HNWL7166, HSW110M UK, HSW150M80, HSW2115M, HSW2125M, HSWD126-80, HSWD146, HSWD166, HW120M UK, HW120PROMO, HW130M UK, HW130PROMO, HW160M UK, HW355-47, HW5213MUK, HW5513MUK, HW556-47, HW6313ECE, HW6313MUK, HW6316MUK, HWD120-80, HWD120TD80, HWD130J-80, HWF130MUK, HWF131MUK, HWF5513EF, HWF5516ECE, HWP12-80, OHNWF6127, PFW135-80, PFW137-80, PPW126-80, PPW166-80, W105SX/1, WA110 001, WA115 001, WB120 001, WB120 011, WB120 021, WB125 001, WDM120 01, WDM125 01, WDM130 01, WDM130 11, WDM150 01, WDM150 11, WDM150 31, WE120 031, WE140 001, WE140 031, WE143 071, WS130 001, WS135 001, WS136 001, WSE130 011, HNWF7148-80, HNWF7168-80, HDB244-80, HDB284-80, HDB284-SY, HNWF7137-80, HNWL6126E-30, HNWL6136-84, HNWL7136, HNWL7136-80, HNWL7136S, HNWL7146-80, HNWL7166, HNWS6125, HNWS6125-03, HPWD136-80, HPWD166-80, WA110001 WA115001 AWA11007 WE140001 WE145001 WE146001 WE147001, HDB284, HWD130J, HNWL3126, HNWL3136S, HNWL3166, HNWL7136, HWD130J, HSWD126, HSWD146, HSWD166, HNWF7148-80, Nextra, WDM12, WS130, WS135,WS136, HNWL6126E, , HJA8703, HNWL7146A-88, HNWF7148-80, OHNWF6148-37, HNWF7168-80 BELLING WD12V CANDY CIW100TUK CMD126/1-04S, CMD106-16S, CMD126S-66, CMD126-66, CMD106-ARG, CMD126/1-01, CMD146-86S, 5+5ALISE1201, ALCB103TR, ALCB106TR-04, ALCB115-47, ALCL126-47, ALISECB103T, ALISECB103TR, ALISECB123TR, ALISECB133TR, ALISECB83TR, ALISECBL1355, AQ130 WD, CBL1055, CIW100T, CIW100TUK, CLD135-86S, CMD126-01, CMD136-80, CMD146-80, CMD166-80, CNW136T, CNW156T, CWD126-47, CWD146-47, DQW150 UK, M.ALISE1000, WDDQ130 UK, CDB115-80, CDB134-SY, CMD106, CMD106-16S, CMD126-04S, CMD126-50HZ, CMD136-80, CMD136-86, CMD146S, CMD166A-39, CNWD136, CNWD146, CSW105-03 KELVINATOR KWD100604S, KWD835T





Supplied in pairs.

 Supplied By HOOVER

*This thermostat pair have recently been uprated By Hoover to avoid premature activation during long drying cycles. It is IMPORTANT that both thermostats supplied are fitted as they work in series.